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Where to spend New Year's Eve?

You don't have to go abroad to celebrate the night of New Year's Eve. If you live in Paris or in the surrounding towns, you should know that the French capital is full of many places that will allow you to Christmas in joy with your family.

Paris and the holidays of the end of years

For a new year with the family in Paris, the evening is a must. Evening in a bar, clubbing evening, evening in a cabaret, a show or at the theatre; The choice is wide. It is up to you to determine the atmosphere you are looking for. Remember that this is an evening with the family, parents, young people and small children must enjoy it.

It should also be noted that Paris is the sentimental capital of gastronomy. The kitchens and gourmet specialties from all over the world have gathered on this place...

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What outings do with young children?

Young children are curious and creative. They like to play and make discoveries at the same time. Paris is full of events and leisure to occupy the children and nourish their spirit. During the holidays, several shows for young children take place in the capital. You can also get them to visit historic places and monuments. The opportunities are not lacking, it is up to you to make the choice.

Junior film Festival

For this year 2019, the winter holidays will take place from February 23rd to March 10th. A short period of time that you need to take advantage of to discover the world to your children. Each year, the Public Cinema Association organizes the international film Festival Junior. The 29th edition will be held this year and will be held from February 13th to 26th in over 50 venues...

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How to choose a restaurant for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is approaching and you are looking for a better restaurant to spend a moment with your beloved. Even if you are in Paris, beware, because not all the establishments are conducive to an evening of this kind. This article gives you the advice to find a quiet, romantic place whose décor and service are not negligible.

Criteria to consider when choosing a good restaurant

Valentine's Day is the Feast of lovers. Yet, the moment you want to spend with your tender is an evening only for both of you. For a successful Valentine's Day, choose a restaurant that you both enjoy. A place that has an important meaning for your couple will do well. This is an important point, allowing you to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Since it is a two-party, opt for a quiet place, away from the curious g...

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Which festival to spend a good time with friends?

When you decide to participate in a festival, there are a number of reasons why. The festival is a better option to let off steam and relieve stress. It will break your routine and open your mind a bit since you will meet new people, discover good things, do activities that you will never dare to practice, drink and make a discovery gastronomique….Si you want to go In festival with your buddies and live an unforgettable moment, follow our advice.

The best festivals in Paris for 2019

From January to December, the capital of the hexagon lives at the rhythm of its festivals. There are some for everyone and the young and old will find pleasure. If you want to live strong moments with your buddies, get ready right now. When the beautiful days arrive, the events take place outside...

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The 3 most beautiful Christmas markets in France

The first Christmas markets appeared in the sixteenth century in Germany and Alsace. During the years 90, they spread in France and throughout Europe. In France as elsewhere, the Christmas markets are marked by the typical decorations, the animations of all kinds, the beautiful chalets, the stands for the gifts, the wines, the dishes… Discover here our selection of the most beautiful Christmas markets.

The Strasbourg Market

The first and most beautiful Christmas market in France is in Alsace. This is the Strasbourg market. It was created in 1570 and was named capital of Christmas in 1992. In 2018, more than 300 Christmas chalets and miles of light garlands were installed at the foot of the cathedral. The main squares of the city are also illuminated by a thousand fires...

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5 Original bars to test

Tired of classic places and ambiences you know by heart? Paris is quite large and is full of places as unusual as original. Discover in this article the tops 5 of the original bars to test in the French capital.

Zero driving Bar in Paris

The zero driving bar is characterized by its unique and original central theme: childhood. Their specialty is the bottle. The cocktails are named after cartoon characters like Piglet, Olaf, Ratatouille and Aladdin. They are served in a bottle and with candies. The bottles are to take away and replace the loyalty card. When you come back, bring your bottle and pay only the replacement. You can watch cartoons on the screen. Games like dice or card games are also at your disposal...

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How to organize your stay in Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland is the most magical place on the planet that guarantees a better family holiday. Do you want to spend a weekend or a few days? Discover in this article The secrets to save time and succeed your stay.

Why visit Disneyland?

For this year 2019, the amusement park and attractions Disneyland Paris announces a busy program for its visitors. The arrival of several beautiful seasons will mark this year, citing only Star Wars, Princesses, Pirates… The third edition of the Star Wars celebration event will take place as early as January of this year 2019. Similarly for the season of pirate Festival and Princesses to be held on January 19 until March 17, 2019.

These are just excerpts but many other events and evenings will also be held throughout the year...

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5 ideas for small budget outings

Going out in love, with friends or with family and pleasing the young when you have a tight budget is perfectly possible. Whether it's for the weekend or for the summer holidays, the formula is very simple: identify fun activities that are free or cheap.

A park outing: a timeless tradition

A classic idea, a traditional practice but will appeal to young and old. During the warmer seasons, it's just fun to walk around in a pleasant setting, with nature. This is the best option for those who want to rejuvenate. With friends or family, it is possible to make small games or to practice gentle physical activities but accessible to everyone. For those who have small children, the latter will take advantage of the space to run and scream…

Sport and physical activities

The practice of sport and oth...

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